Automated Campus

NEXT ERP is an integrated web-based academic software which enables efficient administration, academic management, continuous evaluation of students, cost control and effective financial planning in educational institutions. The system promote accuracy in fee collection and cash transactions, this helps top management in systematic planning, decision making and fund allocation

Management and Principal get up-to-date information about the various activities and resources in the school. Teachers are relieved from the routine paper works since all data regarding students, syllabus, mark lists etc could be systematically stored and updated in the system. This helps them to spent more time for teaching, learning or other developmental programs for children.

The system could be made web-connected, which allow parents to interact directly with teachers and Principal. They can view the mark lists, attendance and performance of their children directly from their office or home.

Top management can access up-to-date data of the institution from anywhere in the world through the dynamic institutional website which is a part of Next ERP Similarly, parents can obtain the information of their ward and interact with Teachers / HOD / Principal/Admin Officer.