Sabarigiri Punalur

New dawn of hope entered into the corridors of learning by the inception of Sabarigiri Senior Secondary School, Punalur in 1994 since then it start radiating the educational nostalgia far and wide. Sabarigiri Senior Secondary School, Punalur is rated as one of the best CBSE schools in Kollam District. With its emergence we felt the pulse of a new era of hope, enthusiasm and confidence in the minds of learners and educationalists.

Sabarigiri School crossed several milestones and colorful events all these years. Sabarigiri Senior Secondary School aspires to inculcate in the young minds the required wisdom, knowledge, values and skills.

We are passing through an era of depleting values caused by multi various forces including technological revolution. The old order changed yielding space to new. But we could withstand all these disintegrating forces still and marching ahead with all its unique philosophy of values ridden education. Our school stands for wholesome education. Sabarigiri Senior Secondary School inspires and guide students to achieve what they are looking for in the world of learning.

Our environment, our faculty, our ministerial staff are moving with one dream- a dream of overall development. If one want pearls, one has to dive deep in to the sea or content with pebbles on the shore” our school is bestowed with facilities unlimited to cater to the needs of modern education in a world of competition and challenges.

We are lighted to life and committed to knowledge hence we encourage students to continuously strive for excellence in all walks of life. We up hold values without compromising freedom. We are firm and clear in our principles, we rooted in universal brother-hood and international understanding in a globalized world.

Our students are our best ambassadors and agents to bring required social changes in our society and nation at large. “A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flames” Rabindra Nath Tagore. Sabarigiri Senior Secondary School Punalur is that model institution which you are looking for!